Uluro uCompose 5.0

Brentwood, Tennessee, April 30, 2012.



Transformations announced the release of Uluro uCompose 5.0 to existing and new clients this week. With the release of our new composition tool, uCompose, your staff will experience significant reductions in time required to deliver complex documents to your clients. A few of the many enhancements are listed below.

Among the many enhancements are new wizard enhancements for XML, Delimited and RTF support that drastically simplifies the ability to import data and quickly assign values to the Uluro System database.

The new Dynamic graph building tool has been very popular with beta users who have been able to create varies types of complex graphs with very little effort and no need for complex preprocess steps. “The excitement that people have shown with 3d rotating graph object is exhilarating” says President Ryan Semanchik

Bill Tidwell CEO the visionary behind many of the enhancements continues to push his team to simplify document creation and remove the need for complex programmers to consistently develop parsing scripts for each type of file. “Many composition tools require you programmers to build and input workflow and then a second output workflow to layout the document, Uluro enables simplicity being able to map and design data within the one workflow reducing the needs for expensive programming staff and hours of scripting”.

Other enhancements include: Improved Drawing functions, Enhanced Regular expression support with capture groups, Object Inspector for selecting and editing properties of multiple objects at once, further support for unique input data streams lessening the need for repetitive data preps.

Transformations will continue to develop Uluro uCompose GUI based functionality to ensure that our clients can enhance the quality of documents and combined with Uluro’s multi-channel delivery options enable documents to be delivered to any device be it a printer, a web browser, a tablet or a mobile device.

One partner, one product, one seamless solution. Uluro.



About Transformations

Since 1988, Transformations, Inc. has been an innovative developer and provider of business solutions for manufacturing and distribution centers throughout the country. Its software development efforts evolved over the years to include warehouse management systems, inventory control, and enterprise resource planning. In 2006, Transformations began development of Uluro, an innovative electronic document and statement production software. Uluro Beta was released in 2009 and is the most comprehensive Windows-based document automation software solution for large mail house, print shops and presort houses. http://www.transfrm.com


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