Creates a simplified data composition and communication solution.

June 29, 2015, FRANKLIN, TN—Transformations, the company renowned for its Uluro software, is releasing uBridge, a workflow connectivity tool that enables users to incorporate business intelligence into their billing and mailing processes.

Using the core technologies of Uluro’s Customer Communications Management solution, uBridge is an on-ramp for connecting legacy, ERP, ECM, and CRM systems with Uluro’s multi-channel platform. This fosters the merging of existing systems and applications to create a modern data composition and communication delivery solution.

This convergence enables companies to expand beyond print delivery to multi-channel communication without rewriting existing software or programming new applications. Core uBridge capabilities include:

  • Any2Any workflow automation
  • Simplified multi-channel delivery
  • Unparalleled security to ensure privacy of communications and transactions
  • Customer-facing dashboard for accessing information on multiple devices
  • Fully brandable websites to help maintain corporate branding on all interactions with end customers
  • Simplified on-line bill payment in as little as one click


These abilities help overcome challenges familiar to many enterprises. “Many companies have invested in specialized software that may be outdated or difficult to maintain, and they can be hesitant to invest in new software because of limitations in their existing infrastructure,” explained Bill Tidwell, Transformations CEO.

Responding to this, uBridge provides integration with custom applications, enables connection from any system, and can be managed from virtually anywhere via desktop or mobile devices. With uBridge, users can update job status automatically, import jobs to Uluro from external systems, update Uluro dashboards, and create billing files that can be imported into accounting systems. These capabilities can lower costs, increase accuracy of critical communications, and enhance customer communications while providing an unprecedented level of service.

“uBridge is the bridge from old to new,” said Tidwell. “It provides the best of both worlds, letting companies integrate the unique value proposition of their custom applications while leveraging the advantages of the Uluro platform.”

Uluro uBridge Automation & Integration


Since 1988, Transformations, Inc. has been an innovative developer and provider of business solutions for manufacturing and distribution centers throughout the country. With a focus on process automation and quality assurance, its software development efforts evolved over the years to include warehouse management systems, inventory control, and enterprise resource planning. In 2006, Transformations looked to utilize similar strategies and technology in the world of critical communications and began development of Uluro, an innovative electronic document and statement production software. Uluro Beta was released in 2009 as the most comprehensive Windows-based document automation software for creating, producing, and delivering critical customer communications on the market. It is a true front-to-finish suite of solutions all integrated into a single, fully automated document production system allowing service providers and enterprise mailers to streamline and reduce the costs of complex print and mail processes while enabling recipients to choose how they receive their correspondence across physical and/or electronic media http://www.transfrm.com.