uDeliver from Transformations Captures Must See Em Award for PRINT 13

Complete multi-channel delivery for critical customer communications
Brentwood, TN, August 6, 2013.

uDeliver, Transformations’ integrated platform for managing and synchronizing traditional print and multi-channel delivery, payment, and marketing campaigns has been recognized by a panel of distinguished printing industry analysts and editors as a Must See Em, a prestigious award that will be presented at the upcoming PRINT 13 trade show in Chicago.

“Print service providers are facing intense competition. Before uDeliver, it was challenging for print service providers to address the need for a coordinated marketing campaign across all channels,” said Bill Tidwell CEO Transformations. “uDeliver is a single-source marketing communications solution that will allow print service providers to increase sales by acquiring new customers and offering new services while improving margins.”

uDeliver lets the recipients choose how they receive transactional documents such as bills and statements, as well as marketing campaigns. For example, when a recipient wants a text message to alert them to an upcoming appointment with their financial advisor, they can receive an SMS or text message. If they prefer a phone call to their home or mobile number, the Intelligent Voice Recognition Editor can be set up to call them. Or if they’d rather receive a personalized email, HTML Email can be selected to send them a branded message.

Taking this a step further, a text message from their phone or Credit Card Company could include a one-button bill-pay option, such as “Press ‘P’ to Pay.” By combining choice, convenience, and ease-of-use, uDeliver provides a single platform on which billers and service providers can satisfy customer delivery preferences for integrated paper, web or mobile communications. End recipients can set up their preferences quickly and easily via a secure website. And, for traditional mailers seeking to move to digital delivery, uDeliver provides a straightforward way to enter the multi-channel world and add more value for their customers.

“There is no going back to single stream messaging,” said Tidwell. Companies that respond to consumer demand for multiple channels will see real gains in business volume and improved customer loyalty. We are very happy that the Must See Em judges have recognized uDeliver as the embodiment of choice, convenience, and ease-of-use—the keys to successful multi-channel customer communications.”


About Transformations Since 1988, Transformations, Inc. has been an innovative developer and provider of business solutions for manufacturing and distribution centers throughout the country. With a focus on process automation and quality assurance, its software development efforts evolved over the years to include warehouse management systems, inventory control, and enterprise resource planning. In 2006, Transformations looked to utilize similar strategies and technology in the world of critical communications and began development of Uluro, an innovative electronic document and statement production software. Uluro Beta was released in 2009 as the most comprehensive Windows-based document automation software for creating, producing, and delivering critical customer communications on the market. It is a true front-to-finish suite of solutions all integrated into a single, fully automated document production system allowing service providers and enterprise mailers to streamline and reduce the costs of complex print and mail processes while enabling recipients to choose how they receive their correspondence across physical and/or electronic media http://www.transfrm.com

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