Transformations, Inc. Announces Release of TransPAY

A complete Bill Presentment and Payment Solution

Brentwood, Tennessee – January 12, 2010: Transformations, Inc, a software solutions company focused on the manufacturing, banking, and distribution markets, today announced the release of TransPAY, a complete electronic bill presentment and payment solution. Over recent years the capability to view statements and invoices on the Internet has been in increasing demand by both businesses and consumers. TransPAY takes things one step further and provides a direct link to a payment processor that can handle ACH, credit cards, or Check 21.

According to Bill Tidwell, CEO of Transformations, TransPAY provides an easy way to view your invoice or statement in a familiar environment, and then make a payment directly from the same web portal. “Everything you need is in one place –you can view current and past statements, check on what is currently due, and schedule your payments,” says Tidwell. “You can also print them, email them, and make a copy for your own archival storage. You have complete control.”

TransPAY also speeds cash application for businesses since TransPAY provides a consolidated file each day that can be applied to accounts receivable. This expedites the processing of payments and eliminates the laborious task of applying cash.

Banks are able to use TransPAY as an additional service to their customers who may be unable to afford the development of such a system on their own but want to reduce sales outstanding by in turn offering the TransPAY service as a supplier or vendor to their customers. This approach makes conflict resolution much easier since all parties can easily see the disputed invoice or statement online. By providing templates for various business types, set up and delivery costs are controlled and affordable for most businesses.

TransPAY can be utilized as an add-in to Transformations’ new Remote Print for Windows product for print/pail customers, or can be deployed as a stand-alone solution. “After creating highly customized documents and using the electronic presentment capabilities, it is simple to add the capability of paying the invoice,” says Tidwell. “Your customers will love an additional service that does not require them to send their data to anyone else. We have seen tremendous growth in the area of electronic presentment and payment over the last few years. As we continue to see the increased use of the Internet, we believe that the Print/ Mail shops are perfectly positioned to provide this valuable service to their customers”

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About Transformations, Inc.

Since 1988, Transformations, Inc. has been an innovative developer and provider of business solutions for manufacturing and distribution centers throughout the country. With a focus on process automation and quality assurance, its software development efforts evolved over the years to include warehouse management systems, inventory control, and enterprise resource planning. In 2006, Transformations looked to utilize similar strategies and technology in the world of critical communications and began development of Uluro, an innovative electronic document and statement production software. Uluro Beta was released in 2009 as the most comprehensive Windows-based document automation software for creating, producing, and delivering critical customer communications on the market. It is a true front-to-finish suite of solutions all integrated into a single, fully automated document production system allowing service providers and enterprise mailers to streamline and reduce the costs of complex print and mail processes while enabling recipients to choose how they receive their correspondence across physical and/or electronic media

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